Remy – One month post-op

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Howdy fellow Tripawds!  Mommer’s said that today is one month since I had my amputation surgery. Funny, but I don’t remember that day. Lots of things have happened since then. Who knew that me, Remy, could walk on 3 legs. But I can!!

I got a gift in the mail last week. It is a walking harness. It has been totally broken in with love by another Tripawd named TrickieLuv. It came all the way from California. TrickieLuv was a beach dog. Mommer’s says that we will go to the beach in my harness someday too. It fits me really well and Daddy couldn’t wait to put it on me and take me for a walk. I was so excited that I hopped right up into Daddy’s truck and off we went. So much fun. I am still getting used to the 3 leg thing, so Daddy said we had to keep our walks short for now. I will love my new harness as much as TrickieLuv did.

Mommer’s has a video to add, but until she figures out how to do that, here is a photo of me napping under the Christmas tree.

Remy loves laying under the Christmas tree. He is my favorite gift.

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Remy – 3 Weeks Post-op Amputation

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hi My Cool Friends:

This is Remy!!  Mommers is finally allowing me a little time alone so I thought I’d check in with all of you.

I’m feeling so much better. It’s been 3 weeks today since they took my leg away, but I found out “I Don’t Need it Anyway!”

Yesterday, I jumped right up in Dad’s truck seat to go for a ride. And I now can get on the couch again. Life is Good!

At night, I do feel so tired, but Mommers makes me go into the bedroom with her at 7:30 at night. It’s probably because she is tired too. She says the Holidays are tiring. Not sure what that means.

Here is a photo of me when I was getting one of my Cool Dude Laser Treatments. Don’t you love my shades?

I am so happy to have all these new friends and Mommers seems a little less worried now. That is good news for me, Remy!!

Okay, feel a nap coming on. Have a great Tripawd Hopping Weekend My Friends!!  Remy & Mommers.