Happy New Year 2019

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Hey my fellow Tripaw Buddies,

It is me, Remy!! Someone went and took my tree down!  I loved laying under that tree for my naps. So now I am back at jumping up on the couch for a snooze. We are waiting for some snow here in Pennsylvania to go out and jump through. Had a little bit of flurries the other day but heck, can’t do anything with that. 

I am feeling pretty good these days. It has been about 2 months since they took off my leg. But guess what, I really didn’t need it anyway. Can jump in Dad’s truck and up on the couch too. We are back to taking some walks again, just not as far yet. Mommers is taking me to my doctor for needles in my neck. Calls it acu-something (Acupuncture) and it’s really helping. My head bobs when I walk and it was getting achy. Okay, y-a-w-n, I will let Mommers tell you the rest. Remy needs a nap now.

Sloppy kisses to all…..Remy

Hi All!

We are so grateful for Remy and his recovery so far. He has not changed one bit. He has the sweetest disposition and just loves to snuggle back up on the bed at night with us. I am now making food for Remy that I add to his dry food. He is on Halo dry food and I give him 1/2 cup of the dry and then add a mixture of cooked ground chicken, chicken livers, apple, garlic, green beans and ginger. I make it in the crock pot and it lasts about 9 days. I have to put a little into his brother Freddy’s food as well.

I have homeopathic remedies that I give Remy daily as well. These were based on my consult with Dr. Charles Loops in North Carolina. And I have just recently starting adding CBD oil to his food. That is to help with his arthritis that he has in his back legs. Gotta keep those legs working well since it was his front left leg that was amputated. It is a bit of extra work for me but I don’t mind at all. Remy is worth it!!

How is everyone else doing? Sorry I have not updated in a bit. Ever so grateful for this group.

Thanks, Lynn (Mommers)

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Author: remysmom

I am a dog lover and have been involved with Lab rescue and shelter work for many years. A few years ago I became a Professional Certified Dog Trainer and left the corporate world job behind me. I love working with dogs and their owners. Two weeks ago we found out that our Remy, our 8 year old black lab had Osteosarcoma in his left front leg. It was amputated on Friday, 11/16. Today is Day 4 and he has been up and hopping around. We are reading everything we can about cancer on the cancer dog blog and loving the inspirational stories here on Tripawds. We also have a 7 year old Australian Shepherd that we adopted a year ago. His name is Freddy. And we have Chico, our 30+ year old African Grey Parrot. We are finding the cup half full, not half empty. Ready to kick Remy's cancer to the gutter.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019”

  1. Great to hear that Remy is doing do well. Can you share what CBD oil your vet recommended. Our Jesse is scheduled for a rear leg amputation next Tuesday and I want to be equipped with anything that will help her feel better Thanks

    1. Hi Vickie, Please let us know how Jesse is doing post-op. You will be surprised how resilient these sweet dogs are. The CBD oil that Dr. Loops recommended is made by Bluebird Botanicals. The bottle says “hemp companion” and is specifically for pets. I give Remy 6 drops in his meal morning and night. It does not smell too good but since I am cooking him a great mixture that he loves, he scarfs it down. http://www.bluebirdbotanicals.com
      He recommended 2 but the first was way too expensive. I purchased 1 oz and it was about $25.00 plus shipping. It will last for some time. Remy weighs 70 pounds and eventually I will be increasing the amount of drops but for now, starting low. You can research the analysis that this company does on their website. They are based in Colorado. I am just really glad that I can put this in his food. The homeopathic remedies are in water and I have to use a dropper and cannot be given with food. He tolerates them but I would not want to have to give this one that way since it smells bad so I am figuring it probably tastes bad as well. Hang in there. We are all here for you.

  2. What a beautiful update and beautiful photo! Hoppy New Year to all of you. May it be filled with health and love 🙂
    We are all hanging in there. Mitchell is also on CBD oil and he does really well with it!
    Jackie and Huck

    1. Hi Jackie & Huck,
      Do you put Mitchell’s oil in his food? Does Mitchell turn his nose up? Maybe you just use a dropper.
      Let me know what works best for you.

  3. Made by day to hear from you and to hear his well you are doing😁😁

    HAPPY TWO MONTH AMPUVERSARY HANDSOME REMY!!! And you look so comfy in that couch of yours! You wear it well!!

    You are certainly getting exquisite care from your hoomans.😎

    Keep these great updates coming!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. VICKY AND JESSE. You may want to start your own thread jn the forums on Jesse so we can follow his adventures as a tripawd, and support you at the same time should you have any questions, etc.

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