Remy’s Journey ….

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It is with a very heavy heart that I share with you that Remy crossed the rainbow bridge on May 30th. He fought hard and made every day count, but the cancer would not give up. Remy was diagnosed in November 2018 with Osteosarcoma in his left front leg. It was amputated within a week of his diagnosis. We tried a cancer diet as well as homeopathic remedies prescribed by a Vet but a new cancer formed in his right front leg. It was not Osteosarcoma, but I think it was this new cancer that may have spread and effected his neurologic system. Remy was a brave warrior who did not let his 3 leg status prevent him from running and jumping up into his daddy’s truck to go for long rides which he loved. One of my last special memories was me helping Remy to get up on my bed and snuggle next to me and take a nap one afternoon. I treasure that afternoon and replay it often in my mind. In the last 10 days of life Remy’s condition declined. He could no longer get up and we were carrying him outside to lay in the cool grass and to potty. He could no longer use his back legs to hold himself up and I saw in his eyes that he wanted to go. The black thick lab tail that used to thump whenever he saw me or his daddy, just stopped thumping. I could not and would not allow him to suffer. Remy has given me so much unconditional love and he now needed me to do the same for him. It is breaking my heart to write this note. Each time I write about it or talk about it, I relive it. My heart is broken. Remy left this life in my arms here at his house with his Daddy and fur-brother Freddy all right by his side. Our Vet, God Bless her, came to our home so we could peacefully say goodbye to our best buddy Remy. He has now crossed the rainbow bridge and will wait for us there. I know he is enjoying his time running again. Please take a long moment to love and kiss your dog even a little longer today. Thank you all for encouragement and for the Tripawds community just for being here.

Love, Remy’s Mom (Lynn)

Loved the couch

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Author: remysmom

I am a dog lover and have been involved with Lab rescue and shelter work for many years. A few years ago I became a Professional Certified Dog Trainer and left the corporate world job behind me. I love working with dogs and their owners. Two weeks ago we found out that our Remy, our 8 year old black lab had Osteosarcoma in his left front leg. It was amputated on Friday, 11/16. Today is Day 4 and he has been up and hopping around. We are reading everything we can about cancer on the cancer dog blog and loving the inspirational stories here on Tripawds. We also have a 7 year old Australian Shepherd that we adopted a year ago. His name is Freddy. And we have Chico, our 30+ year old African Grey Parrot. We are finding the cup half full, not half empty. Ready to kick Remy's cancer to the gutter.

4 thoughts on “Remy’s Journey ….”

  1. My deepest sympathies. Remy was truly and unforgettable and special boy. My Winston crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday, so I hope they are playing gleefully together.

  2. I am so sorry that Remy has left you. Watch for signs he will give them. This is the hardest part of our journey. Run free sweet Remy.

    Michelle & Angels Sassy & Bosch

  3. Remy, dear, sweet Remy. It just breaks my heart to know our Remy has headed to the Bridge. I am so very, very sorry.
    I know there are no words. We understand the void, the break in routine, the grief. It all hurts so much.
    You gave Remy the gift of release when he told you he was ready to shed his earth clothes. He was ready for his Spirit to run free. And Remy you knew him well enough to understand when he told you he couldn’t Remy anymore. And not wagging his tail was his way of letting you know he wanted to cross over to the other side of this earthly life .
    Your emotions are raw right now. These past days are so vivid in your mind and weigh heavy on your heart. This is just a blip on the screen of life compared to the thousands of happy memories you and Remy shared! Eventually, slowly but surely, those memories will helpmoish the grief further and further into the background. Remy wants you to focus on those special times. The times he jumped in the truck, the special nap times, the special happy times you shared morning, noon and night.

    And he IS running free now! A couple of our beloved tripawd family headed to the Bridge these past several days,. I can only imagine how happy they are to be running and frolicking with each other through the green fields sprinkled with beautiful wildflowers.

    Your love for Remy , and his for you, came shining through with every post. Your care for him was truly exquisite. Remy got some spectacular bonus time (never, ever enough) and, all the while, got to be Remy. I know he loved that he got to be off leash, but squirrel chasing Freddy had to be in leash!!

    It is such a privelege to get to know Remy. Every one of his pictures showed a happy smiling boy. I love how he chronicled his own blogs for us! Very bright boy!

    When you can, please share ore avout Remy with us. And Freddy and your birdie too!
    I KMOW Remy will make his presence known. I know he will, so pay attention. I hope you will share with us when that happens.
    We are here with you in anyway we can help, okay? We cateā¤

    Surrounding you with Remy’s eternal thumping tail and happy smile
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Lynn I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you. Having to make that decision is the hardest thing we ever have to do. In the end it is the kindest but oh how it hurts for a long, long time. I wish you didn’t have to endure the grief. Please know you are in our thoughts.

    Remy was a true warrior, and he will never be forgotten. Take those good times you shared, all the beautiful naps, and hold them close in your heart. They will comfort you when you start to feel grief stricken over his loss, they will remind you that he had far more good times than bad. What a life you gave him.

    Lots and lots of love coming your way from all of us.

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