Remy’s Journey ….

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It is with a very heavy heart that I share with you that Remy crossed the rainbow bridge on May 30th. He fought hard and made every day count, but the cancer would not give up. Remy was diagnosed in November 2018 with Osteosarcoma in his left front leg. It was amputated within a week of his diagnosis. We tried a cancer diet as well as homeopathic remedies prescribed by a Vet but a new cancer formed in his right front leg. It was not Osteosarcoma, but I think it was this new cancer that may have spread and effected his neurologic system. Remy was a brave warrior who did not let his 3 leg status prevent him from running and jumping up into his daddy’s truck to go for long rides which he loved. One of my last special memories was me helping Remy to get up on my bed and snuggle next to me and take a nap one afternoon. I treasure that afternoon and replay it often in my mind. In the last 10 days of life Remy’s condition declined. He could no longer get up and we were carrying him outside to lay in the cool grass and to potty. He could no longer use his back legs to hold himself up and I saw in his eyes that he wanted to go. The black thick lab tail that used to thump whenever he saw me or his daddy, just stopped thumping. I could not and would not allow him to suffer. Remy has given me so much unconditional love and he now needed me to do the same for him. It is breaking my heart to write this note. Each time I write about it or talk about it, I relive it. My heart is broken. Remy left this life in my arms here at his house with his Daddy and fur-brother Freddy all right by his side. Our Vet, God Bless her, came to our home so we could peacefully say goodbye to our best buddy Remy. He has now crossed the rainbow bridge and will wait for us there. I know he is enjoying his time running again. Please take a long moment to love and kiss your dog even a little longer today. Thank you all for encouragement and for the Tripawds community just for being here.

Love, Remy’s Mom (Lynn)

Loved the couch

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Remy here – checking in on my buddies

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Spring has finally sprung here in Eastern Pennsylvania. Lots more green grass to sniff. I have been busy going for hikes with my Dad and my fur-brother Freddy. Dad lets me run off leash up in the fields, but Freddy has to stay on a long lead because he has run away before. He just wants to get a squirrel so badly that he forgets about us. We have fun all the same. So it’s been over 4 months now since I had my left front leg amputated and I barely miss it. It would come in handy when I am jumping off the bed or out of the truck. Mommers always worries and makes sure that Dad uses my ruff harness handle to help me down. She a worrier. Mummers had me on lots of homeopathic remedies but she has backed off of that for now. She does mix some really yummy stuff into my dry food that tastes SO GOOD!! (BigDog Dehydrated Food). She gives some to Freddy too. It’s only fair.

Today I went to my doctor’s office for some acupuncture. This is about the 5th time and it really helps my back legs because they have some stiffness and I need them to work good for me. Mommers also found a sore on my front paw that she is worried about so my doctor took a slide to do a culture of it. She doesn’t want me to lick at it….. but when she isn’t looking, I do. Don’t tell her, okay?  Sorry that I have not written to you guys in a bit. Mommers was taking a few online courses and now she is done.

Hope you are all hopping happy!

Love, Remy

Remy with his acupuncture needles in and resting up with Dad.


Happy New Year 2019

Hey my fellow Tripaw Buddies,

It is me, Remy!! Someone went and took my tree down!  I loved laying under that tree for my naps. So now I am back at jumping up on the couch for a snooze. We are waiting for some snow here in Pennsylvania to go out and jump through. Had a little bit of flurries the other day but heck, can’t do anything with that. 

I am feeling pretty good these days. It has been about 2 months since they took off my leg. But guess what, I really didn’t need it anyway. Can jump in Dad’s truck and up on the couch too. We are back to taking some walks again, just not as far yet. Mommers is taking me to my doctor for needles in my neck. Calls it acu-something (Acupuncture) and it’s really helping. My head bobs when I walk and it was getting achy. Okay, y-a-w-n, I will let Mommers tell you the rest. Remy needs a nap now.

Sloppy kisses to all…..Remy

Hi All!

We are so grateful for Remy and his recovery so far. He has not changed one bit. He has the sweetest disposition and just loves to snuggle back up on the bed at night with us. I am now making food for Remy that I add to his dry food. He is on Halo dry food and I give him 1/2 cup of the dry and then add a mixture of cooked ground chicken, chicken livers, apple, garlic, green beans and ginger. I make it in the crock pot and it lasts about 9 days. I have to put a little into his brother Freddy’s food as well.

I have homeopathic remedies that I give Remy daily as well. These were based on my consult with Dr. Charles Loops in North Carolina. And I have just recently starting adding CBD oil to his food. That is to help with his arthritis that he has in his back legs. Gotta keep those legs working well since it was his front left leg that was amputated. It is a bit of extra work for me but I don’t mind at all. Remy is worth it!!

How is everyone else doing? Sorry I have not updated in a bit. Ever so grateful for this group.

Thanks, Lynn (Mommers)

Remy – One month post-op

Howdy fellow Tripawds!  Mommer’s said that today is one month since I had my amputation surgery. Funny, but I don’t remember that day. Lots of things have happened since then. Who knew that me, Remy, could walk on 3 legs. But I can!!

I got a gift in the mail last week. It is a walking harness. It has been totally broken in with love by another Tripawd named TrickieLuv. It came all the way from California. TrickieLuv was a beach dog. Mommer’s says that we will go to the beach in my harness someday too. It fits me really well and Daddy couldn’t wait to put it on me and take me for a walk. I was so excited that I hopped right up into Daddy’s truck and off we went. So much fun. I am still getting used to the 3 leg thing, so Daddy said we had to keep our walks short for now. I will love my new harness as much as TrickieLuv did.

Mommer’s has a video to add, but until she figures out how to do that, here is a photo of me napping under the Christmas tree.

Remy loves laying under the Christmas tree. He is my favorite gift.

Remy – 3 Weeks Post-op Amputation

Hi My Cool Friends:

This is Remy!!  Mommers is finally allowing me a little time alone so I thought I’d check in with all of you.

I’m feeling so much better. It’s been 3 weeks today since they took my leg away, but I found out “I Don’t Need it Anyway!”

Yesterday, I jumped right up in Dad’s truck seat to go for a ride. And I now can get on the couch again. Life is Good!

At night, I do feel so tired, but Mommers makes me go into the bedroom with her at 7:30 at night. It’s probably because she is tired too. She says the Holidays are tiring. Not sure what that means.

Here is a photo of me when I was getting one of my Cool Dude Laser Treatments. Don’t you love my shades?

I am so happy to have all these new friends and Mommers seems a little less worried now. That is good news for me, Remy!!

Okay, feel a nap coming on. Have a great Tripawd Hopping Weekend My Friends!!  Remy & Mommers.